Why Donate? 
Your donations are a HUGE contribution to our community and for that, you receive back some awesome rewards! If you're willing to support the growth of our day-to-day community by donating and would love an extra boost in-game, contributing to our monthly finances is a great way to achieve both of those things!

I don't have a PayPal!

You don't need one! Simply select PayPal as your checkout method and then click Pay with Debit or Credit Card. 

You can then enter your info and hit Pay Now to receive your purchase!


cxa301g.pngHelp! I didn't get my items!
Hey, good news! If your purchase was greater than two hours ago and you've yet to receive your items, you can inform the owner. We will confirm the transaction and get your items to you, not to mention a FREE $100,000 in Factions for the inconvenience!


cxa301g.png What do the donations go towards?
Your donations go towards funding our server to run smooth at every hour of the day, forum hosting, Buycraft subscriptions, monthly giveaways, and monthly advertisements to continue to promote VeroxusPvP services.

cxa301g.png Questions regarding donating 
If you are curious or have any questions regarding any donation related content feel free to message a Staff Member in-game!